Iris For All

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Support a Safer Iris Avenue!
Join Walks in the Park on December 9th & 16th

It’s time for all of us to step up in defense of protected bike lanes on the redesigned Iris. The Transportation Department of the City of Boulder is offering two more in-person, community engagement opportunities in the coming weeks, and, so far, they’ve mostly been hearing from those who oppose the sort of transformations that would make Iris safe and comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. This is where the debate for a safer Iris is won or lost, so we really need you to show up and make your voices heard, even if you’ve already attended prior events about Iris.

Attend Walks in the Park

To be clear, you don’t need to have specific design solutions in mind – though it’s fine if you do. It’s enough to show up and tell City staff that you want the roadway to include protected bike lanes and to be safer at both signalized and unmarked crossings. 

Also, importantly, you do not need to live in the vicinity of Iris for your views to be of interest to the City. Iris is presently dangerous for all modes of travel, even those who drive and even for those whose only interaction with the roadway is in crossing it by bike or on foot. Moreover, Iris is part of Boulder’s network of core arterials that need to be made much safer in order for us to reduce our dependence on the automobile. Thus, really, everyone in the City has a stake in the outcome on Iris. 

You don’t need to debate the naysayers who may be present. It’s enough to simply convey your views to City staff, who will listen respectfully and engage thoughtfully. We encourage you to add these events to your calendar now and join us at the park.

Finally, we have free “Iris for All” stickers to advertise your support for a safer Iris. Pick one up at Community Cycles or at the Iris engagement events listed above.

Join Community Cycles and Be Involved in Your Community

We invite you to join your voice with Community Cycles on issues like this. Here are a couple of actions you can take: