Join Our Annual Giving to Get More People on Bikes


With your support, we’ll overcome the barriers to biking

At Community Cycles, we dedicate thousands of hours each year to getting more people on bikes. Our goal is a Boulder where cycling can be everyone’s top choice to get around and all can feel safe on our roads.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience the freedom, joy, and connection that comes from cycling. With your support, we can shape a future for Boulder where biking and walking are prioritized, expected, safe and considered the best way of getting from place to place.

How will we get there?

  • Ensuring everyone who wants to cycle has access to a bike, including giving away hundreds of bikes to low-income kids for the holidays.
  • Educating the public on the importance of protected bike lanes, multi-use paths and safe bike parking.
  • Organizing neighbors and supporters to help work for more bike infrastructure.
  • Lobbying the city and county to plan and build more safe routes for people who ride bikes, and lobbying state lawmakers and agencies for cyclist & pedestrian-friendly laws and funding.
  • Standing Up for improvements to the city and county’s transportation standards, to make sure every new road and development is built safe for bicyclists.
  • Working for transportation funding to support projects (recent examples include the protected bike lanes on 30th street and a bike path adjacent to the Diagonal Highway). 

Every year, Community Cycles does this and more!

Your tax-deductible gift ensures everyone in our community can have an affordable bike, and keeps Community Cycles working for more places to safely ride, park, and care for your bike. 

Support Our Movement Today! 

Your year-end donation of $25, $50, $100, or more gives us the power to advocate for people who ride bikes.

Because we know that bike-first communities aren’t a coincidence.

They’re an outcome that we build together. 

Let’s Ride.

Sue Prant 

Executive Director, Community Cycles