Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway Success!


The 12th annual Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway was yesterday, December 17th, 2017. We gave away 400 bicycles to kids in the Boulder area, the most we’ve ever given away!

This included 50 bicycles to low-income kids and families in Lafayette, through our partners in Nature Kids/Jovenes de la Naturaleza.
We raised $10,557, including a generous donation from the Kirk Rocky Derischsweiler Foundation, a foundation supported by the generous owners and happy eaters at our Walnut Cafes!

Huge thanks to:

Boulder Community Health and Boulder Spine and Neurological Associates, for donated bicycle helmets.
Capital One for donating bicycle lights!
To West Baseline Associated for the donated space.
City of Boulder Health Equity Fund.
And for our amazing team of staff, volunteers, supporters, and families who made the day so special!