Learn to Build Wheels!


Learn how to build wheels in this two-part workshop. Wheel building is the process of attaching the rim to the hub using spokes and nipples as fasteners, and then bringing the entire structure up to proper tension.

This workshop covers the following:

  • Spoke length calculation
  • Lacing
  • Tensioning
  • Dishing
  • Truing

Participants will build a wheel for the shop and are encouraged to follow up this course by building shop wheels or their own wheels in our community workspace during open hours.

Part One:  March 24th, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Pert Two: March 31st, 6:30  – 8:30 PM

$20 covers both classes.

Why build wheels?

Building wheels from scratch is the best way to learn the craft of wheel truing, to get the feel for how a wheel responds to spoke adjustments.

Learning to build wheels is a rewarding experience for any cyclist who wishes to do his or her own maintenance and repair.

Initially you might think building a wheel is a bit like trying to solve a Rubicks cube. But it is a straight forward and logical process that you can learn how to do. The techniques are not complex and many of the steps are quite repetitive, so you learn them quickly. However, you will need a quiet work environment when truing a wheel and also need to concentrate on each step.

Park Tool Video

Want to come to class extra-prepared? Check out this video from our friends at Park Tool about the process.