Leaving Your Legacy with Community Cycles: For the Bike Love, Forever.


We all want Community Cycles to be here, serving our community into the future, and building a culture of cycling forever.

Lately, probably because of Covid-19 and my father’s death, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving my legacy. I definitely want Community Cycles to be part of that.

I’d heard that a Beneficiary Designation is a simple way to leave money to Community Cycles from my estate. I have a retirement account: while I want to take care of my children and spouse, I also want to support Community Cycles into the future.

I was able to designate a $5,000 legacy gift to Community Cycles by changing the beneficiary designation on my IRA. It took 5 minutes!! I can testify, this is a simple way to leave a legacy gift.

This kind of estate gift, a beneficiary designation, also means that other parts of my estate like my home can be left to care for my family. It’s a win for everything I care about, and it brings me peace.

Learn more here, or contact me, Jennifer, with any questions.