Make Your Year End Donation Today


You did it! It’s time to celebrate completing Stage 2.  Through our first ever Matching Fund, you donated $6,000 to match our Board and Supporters $6,000 for a total of $12,000. That’s AMAZING!!

What Goes into Year End Fundraising?

This year we’re trying something new to illustrate our goals. Each peak here represents one of our goals, or Stages.

Stage 1: $10,000 reached! 

Stage 2: $12,000 reached / $22,000 total!

Stage 3: We are climbing towards the last Stage! Our final goal is an additional $8k before December 31, 2022.

Stage 4: Let’s celebrate raising $30,000!!

Time is ticking on our $30k end of year goal. We need 30 more donors by 11:59pm on Dec 31st to give a total of $8k to reach Stage 4. Will you join us?

No gift is too small (or too big)! Every gift counts. Please join us as a donor during this year-end giving season for a strong 2023.

To you, the donor, “Thank you” for your support, and for fueling the passion behind Community Cycles’ year-end Stages.

Get Inspired

If you’re still wondering why you should make a year-end gift to Community Cycles, don’t take our word for it. Here are a few quotes from customers, workshop attendees and recipients of bikes:


“I took Todd’s “fix-a-flat” workshop on 6/9 and wanted to comment that he is an excellent teacher and the workshop was extremely relevant and worthwhile. Thank you Todd and Community Cycles for providing this learning opportunity.” 

Marshall Fire Victim:

“I’m grateful for the bike. Along with my house, my two bikes were lost (a road bike I used for racing Ironmans and an ‘around town’ aluminum road bike that i depended on to ride to work, to the supermarket and on local errands). Having lived for 20 years in cities, I have long depended on a bike as my primary means for getting around town.  Thank you so much for helping me build back a little of what I’ve lost.”

E-Bike Commuting Program:

 “It has been so great – I arrive at work in a much better mood after biking, and really look forward to biking home each day. Honestly the time it takes is almost the same, so it has been an easy switch.”

Shop Customer:

Thank you to the entire DIY crew, especially Will, for making my wife and my tour through Eastern Europe possible. We are 4 months and 5500 km into our trip, visiting the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and now Serbia on the way to Romania. I have managed to keep the bikes tuned and running with no major issues, thanks to what I learned at Community Cycles. I did look for chain oil in 5 countries before I found some in Bulgaria. I didn’t realize how many people use motor oil. What a mess. Anyhow, please pass along my thanks to everyone for their advice, help, and patience while I got our bikes ready to go. When we are back in Boulder, I’ll be sure to stop by for some volunteer hours to pay it forward!”