Meet Tila, Advocacy Committee Volunteer


Tila Duhaim

What is most important to you about Community Cycles’ work?  Making this city better for people-powered transportation, and making Boulder an example for other communities, to show that true multi-modal transportation can work. Tell us a little bit about your role and outcomes we’ve achieved in our Advocacy work? One of the best ways to make an impact as an advocate is to get a seat at the local governmental table; your voice and opinions suddenly have real weight if you are a member of the City Council, or (like me) a member of an advisory board.  In terms of influencing the vision and planning for where you live, it’s a big return on time investment if you serve in local government. I’m glad Community Cycles helps its members become more engaged in local governmental processes, through testifying at public meetings, giving input on city planning efforts, and pushing more supporters and advocates to seek election or appointment in Boulder city government. I am very very proud that I was able to amplify Community Cycles’ insistence that Boulder become a Vision Zero community. City staff said we should work “toward Vision Zero”. But if we are only working “toward” zero traffic-related fatalities, how do we measure success? Fewer dead people than last year? That’s not success. As an organization, and with new allies on the Transportation Advisory Board, we were able to push City Council and staff into removing the “toward” hedge words and commit, out loud, to implementing street designs and other measures that prevent traffic-related deaths and serious injuries. My Bike Vision for Boulder? I strive toward a Boulder where every street has an obvious place where the walkers/wheelchairs/strollers belong, where the cyclists belong, and where the motor vehicles are allowed to share the street with them. In that order. What is your favorite bike you own and why?  I have an aluminum frame ice-blue Specialized Allez that my then boyfriend (now husband of 17 years) gave me when I was still a student.  I call her “my pony”; she must be 21 years old now. I don’t ride my pony much anymore but will never part willingly with her; she’s still got all her original parts (except bar tape) and still only whinnies for me. She marks the transition from my being a person who gets around by bike to being a cyclist. What is your favorite ride in the Boulder area?   I love using the multi-use paths to launch out onto the flat, fast roads outside of Boulder: Goose Creek to Valmont into Gunbarrel and out to Hygiene; connecting mult-iuse paths to South Boulder Creek, Cherryvale, and then to Eldorado Canyon; or using the US 36 bikeway to the Louisville Cinebarre to sneak in a beer and matinee while my kid is at school!