Mobility for All and Community Cycles Bring More Bikes to Boulder County


This year Mobility for All, Community Cycles, and Boulder County Housing Authority are teaming up to offer bicycles and bicycle maintenance through an Earn-a-Bike (EAB) and a tune up program for Boulder County Housing Authority residents. 

The EAB and tune up programs will focus on increasing transportation resiliency and subsequently reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits, sustainable transportation choices, and encouraging multimodal transportation use. Transportation resiliency encompasses the bridging of gaps and barriers that typically discourage or deter residents from accessing the multi-modal transportation system.

“Bicycles as a transportation tool can lead to a better sense of well-being and independence,” explained Zamora-Silva, Dylan, Mobility Outreach Coordinator for Mobility for All.  “Overall, a win in affordability, increasing physical and mental health, and healthier climate.”

Bicycles are a cost-effective mode of transportation that are useful for hedging against the increasing costs of gasoline and collectively reducing dependence on vehicles as well as the accruing costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and insurance. In tandem with Boulder County’s transit system, bike ownership and maintenance skills can promote vehicle independence, self-resiliency, and encourage the extended use of bicycles that would otherwise be underutilized due to simple repairs.

Participants will be offered workshops on bike care and repair, along with commuting and safety skills. Residents who already have a bicycle will be offered mini tune ups to get bicycles that need minor repairs back on the road.

Sandee Cirian, Project Manager for Community Cycles, shared her perspective on the project.  “We hope this project’s success will lead to an increase in bike ridership, and help make it feasible for residents to bike to work and families to bike for recreation, creating a more equitable community.”

Mobility for All (M4A) is a program that promotes accessible, affordable, and equitable multimodal transportation options for residents of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Community Cycles has a mission to increase the use of bicycle-based transportation for everyone through access, education, and advocacy. 

Questions? Ask Program Managers Dylan Zamora-Silva with BCHA or Sandee Cirian with Community Cycles