Give your Input – Neighborhood Shared Streets


In response to COVID-19, a CDOT grant, and as part of the city’s Vision Zero program, the City of Boulder will be temporarily turning many streets into “Shared Streets” in October. Traffic will be limited to local access only and pedestrians and cyclists will have access to the streets for the duration of the project. The shared streets will create safer public spaces for recreation and social distancing and connect residents to the city’s multi-use path system and bike lanes. So get out there and experience the Shared Streets!

If you visit a shared street, give your comments to Community Cycles or the City of Boulder. Here’s the website.

  • 11th Street between Arapahoe and University avenues
  • 12th Street from Baseline Road to the Chautauqua Auditorium
  • Martin Drive between Moorhead Avenue and Table Mesa Drive
  • Columbine Avenue between 12th Street and Sunnyvale Lane
  • 34th Street between Valmont Road and Howard Heuston Park at 3200 34th St.
  • Juilliard Street between Gillaspie Drive and Lehigh Street
  • 19th at Boulder Meadows*