New Commuters, Ride Ambassadors, and Bike to Work day rides


Sept ‘21 Bike Month new commuters & ride ambassadors  program, plus guided rides

For 2021 Boulder Bike Month, Community Cycles is initiating a new program to encourage new bike commuters!

Bike to Work day guided rides – September 22nd

Experienced riders are leading the Bike to Work day Group Rides on September 22nd at 8am.

We will meet at each of the locations listed below and ride together, safely and visibly, and have fun doing it!  Each ride will terminate at the Community Cycles Breakfast Station where you can access downtown easily.  There are no specials skill required, other than knowing how to ride a bike and having a willing attitude for adventure!  

BONUS: All participants get a FREE bike tool, socks, lights or bells upon arrival at CC*

  1. North Boulder -> Community Cycles ride. Leaving from Amanti at 8am.
  2. Newlands -> Community Cycles ride. Leaving from NW corner North Boulder Park at 8am.
  3. South Boulder -> Community Cycles ride. Leaving from South Walnut Breakfast station at 8am.
  4. West Boulder – > Community Cycles.  Leaving from Library (main entrance) at 8am.
  5. Community Cycles -> NOAA.  Leaving Community Cycles at 8:45am. (ride leader called in sick)
  6. Table Mesa/US36 Bikeway -> Layfayette.  Leaving from the start of at the bikeway at 8am.

New Commuters paired with Ride Ambassadors

During September 2021, new commuters can request to be paired up with Ride Ambassadors, meeting at neutral place such as a coffee shop or nearby corner, or virtual to share general commuting knowledge and route planning to help the new bike commuter feel comfortable.

Ride ambassadors bios:

  • Craig (Palo neighborhood) – As a long-time Boulder resident, Craig likes scenic and easy-going routes.
  • Krista (old north Boulder) – Female, rides at slow speed on commuter bike (no electric motor), lived in Boulder since mid 1990s mostly car-free. Also enjoy bicycle touring in US, Canada, England and northern Europe, and Japan solo and with my partner.
  • Marcia (Louisville) – Female, rides at a slower pace, older (60s) rides paved paths, roads, dirt/gravel eg Coal Creek Trail (I ride a hybrid and a 12-yr-old ebike), can ride along with you on routes from Louisville to Boulder, Lafayette, the Colorado Technology Center, available earlier in September, I’m not around on BTW Day this year (snif, snif).
  • Chuck (old north Boulder) – Rides at an easygoing pace on commuter bike (also have an e-bike available); a daily commuter who enjoys occasional road bike rides and is very familiar with all of Boulder’s safe biking routes and excited to help out new bikers & e-bikers find good routes
  • Jacob is a yam (young adult male) who rides at a moderate pace on roads, dirt, and gravel. Jacob thinks rigid steel frames are cool, and will ride his along with you on routes from Boulder to Lafayette & Louisville. Available to group up every weekday from 7-8 am as an avid commuter, and excited for his first post-covid bike to work day in Colorado.
  • Brent (Table Mesa) – Brent, he/him, is eagerly awaiting his office reopening to return to daily bike commuting.  He has acquired enough gear to make bike commuting enjoyable every day of the year.  He loves his simple commuter bike, but also enjoys grocery runs and zipping his daughters to school on a cargo e-bike.

Interested in Bike Commuting, contact Alexey and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate ride ambassador.

Bike Commuting Class on September 15th 6-7:30 pm

Certified instructor Elaine Erb will be teaching a curriculum that includes gear, choosing routes (including safe routes alone at night), bike safety, recommend free classes at Community Cycles (Maintenance 101 & Fix a Flat).  Ride ambassadors will also attend to help identify the most comfortable routes around Boulder and will offer one-on-one route consultation to anyone that needs the advice.

Register here.