New Staff Welcome: Colin and Thomas


Please stop by our shop and say hello to our newest staff:

Colin Boggs started as a volunteer for Community Cycles and kept coming back until we hired him. He is a stellar Sales Associate and is helping us create a boutique feel for our sales area. Colin says he knew nothing about bikes when he first started volunteering. We think that statement is suspicious or else he has a natural feel for bicycles and can talk about them all day long.

Thomas Ruprecht joined Community Cycles as a Production Mechanic in August 2020 after having been a member and volunteer for several years.  He liked the vibe so much as a member and volunteer that he just had to jump on the opportunity to wrench on bikes part time for CC and absolutely loves it.  Road and mountain biking are his pastimes but did do a long stint doing triathlons as well.  Perhaps his strongest cycling passion to date is for using a bike for anything he can around town no matter the weather and showed he was serious when he dropped his car in 2019.