Norwood Connection – Letter to Council


By Sue Prant          .

Dear City Council:

Community Cycles strongly supports the multi-use path (MUP) easement requirement for annexation of the property at 2350 Norwood Avenue. When eventually completed as shown on the City’s Transportation Master Plan, this short MUP will provide a non-motorized link between the residential neighborhoods to the south and Centennial Middle School directly across the street. Currently there is no way for people to walk or bike between the school and the neighborhood without diverting several blocks east to Kalmia or several blocks west to 19th Street. The proposed MUP will break up this superblock for people biking or walking, while still excluding motorized traffic. It will greatly benefit the students who need a safe, direct, and convenient route from their homes to school. The alternative routes include a steep hill (19th) or a narrow bike lane (Kalmia) that is not separated from motor vehicles. To this end, we have been working with Centennial Middle School to bring their attention to this issue. You will be receiving comments from Centennial parents and faculty supporting this connection as well.

This short path segment envisioned in the TMP is an important element in building the sorts of safe, walkable neighborhoods envisioned by Boulder’s citizens, staff, and elected representatives. Let’s ensure that these important connecting elements are constructed as promptly as possible to complete the TMP vision and provide a safe route for our children to access schools by foot or on bicycle.

Thank you for your time and service.

Community Cycles Advocacy Committee