Winter Bike to Work Day 2023 is Feb 10th!

Join us – and cyclists around the world – Friday, Feb. 10, 2023, to celebrate Winter Bike to Work Day! The annual event encourages new and seasoned cyclists to brave the elements and ride to work on their bikes. Work from home? No problem. Get out for a ride around Boulder before you start your day.

The reward? Free breakfast and camaraderie! Breakfast stations are open 7- 9am.

Let us know you plan to join by pledging to ride and show that people who ride bikes in Boulder County have got what it takes!

Host a Breakfast Station

Are you interested in hosting a Winter Bike to Work Day breakfast station this year from 7-9am on February 10th, 2023?

Your station will be promoted through press releases, our website, and social media channels. You will also be listed on a breakfast station map.

Details and register to host here.

Free Bike Classes

Plus, take advantage of these free workshops, courtesy of Community Cycles. Sign up here.

Maintenance 101 (Feb 8, 5:30 pm)

Fix a Flat (Feb 15, 5:30 pm)

Breakfast Station Map

Below is the map of the Breakfast Stations in Boulder County.  Denver Metro stations can be seen on the DRCOG Map.

Plan your route and maximize the number of breakfast stations you visit, many of which also offer other giveaways. Be sure to stop by the infamous Community Cycles breakfast station (2601 Spruce St) with treats from Lamars donuts, Jot Coffee, Conscious Coffees and Natural Grocers.

Invite your friends to meet up along your route! Some cyclists have a friendly competition to see how many breakfast stations they can visit for Winter Bike to Work Day.

Bike Home Happy Hour

The fun continues on Winter Bike to Work Day 2023 with a bike home happy hour hosted by the City of Boulder, Boulder Transportation Connections and Community Cycles.

Ride on over to the Roadhouse Depot at Boulder Junction from 4-7pm for free appetizers and giveaways, including free gloves!

Thank you City of Boulder & Boulder County for sponsoring Winter Bike to Work Day 2023!