Proposed Boulder Valley Comp Plan language on trails


Dear Planning Board,

Community Cycles and Open Boulder would like you to consider some minor adjustments to the language on trails in the BVCP. The fact of the matter is that the trails language in the BVCP refers to both transportation-focused infrastructure like the Boulder Creek Path and the U.S. 36 Bikeway as well as recreation-focused infrastructure like the trails heading out of Chautauqua and up to Bear and South Boulder Peaks. Because of this, the historical language is unnecessarily vague and fails to capture the vibrancy of our transportation and recreational trails as core community amenities.

Because both progressive transportation and recreation are such important parts of our community identity, we felt that it was reasonable to suggest some modest improvements to the current language about trails in sections 8.12 and 8.13 of the BVCP. We believe adding this positive and more detailed language to the BVCP is an appropriate way to acknowledge the core values of our community supported by our world-renowned transportation and recreational trail networks. We hope that you will direct staff to carefully consider our proposed changes.
You will find the proposed changes here from the most recent draft BVCP language.

Thank you for your time and service.

Sue Prant