Protected Bike Lanes Are Coming to Boulder!


We won!

By a vote of 7-2, the Boulder City Council decided to right-size three of the four proposed streets, Folsom, Iris, and 63rd which will add protected bike lanes to these corridors. You can read more about the details in the Daily Camera: “Boulder ‘right-sizing’ bike-lane project moves forward on 3 of 4 streets.”

Your Support

Your signatures, your emails, and attending the council meeting on Monday were all key to our success. We ended up with over 1,300 signatures (1,000+ online). We’d like to particularly thank People for Bikes, who sent in a terrific letter and helped spread the word for our petition, as well as the The League of American Bicyclists, Bicycle Colorado, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Boulder Transportation Connections, Boulder B-cycle, Boulder Cycle Sport, and

At the council meeting, breaking down the speakers by gender as 41 men, 28 women, and one 6-year-old girl. 48 spoke in support of rightsizing, with 22 opposed. We made a big impact on the conversation!

Next Phases of the Project

Installation on the approved corridors will begin in July, starting with Folsom and Iris, with 63rd following shortly afterward. The first report from city staff to the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) and City Council will be in September, with on-going updates thereafter for the 12-18 month project lifespan. Check Boulder Living Laboratory or follow Community Cycles on Twitter for more updates!

How to Stay Involved

A critical part of the success of Living Labs is to bike (or drive) on these corridors and give feedback for how they work. Positive support and constructive criticism to the city council ( and TAB ( is key for making sure these projects succeed!

Community Cycles will also stay involved in the project, leading riders on the corridors and soliciting feedback. Stay tuned!

Thanking Council and Staff

Boulder Transportation Staff and City Council have worked hard to launch this project; here’s your opportunity to send them a note of thanks!

City Staff:

Michael Gardner-Sweeney, Acting Director of Public Works for Transportation –

Kathleen Bracke, GO Boulder Manager –

Dave (DK) Kemp, Senior Transportation Planner –

Marni Ratzel, Senior Transportation Planner –

Bill Cowern, Transportation Operations Engineer –

Shannon Young, Transportation Engineer –

City Council members voting in favor of the project:

Macon Cowles –

Zan Jones –

Lisa Morzel –

Tim Plass –

Andrew Shoemaker –

Sam Weaver –

Mary Young –