Re-Opening in This Brave New World


Building Fund

We are excited to see everyone in the upcoming weeks! Our goal is to reopen safely, so we can all stay healthy and continue to stay open.

We are here to take care of you with bikes, parts and accessories for sale, or drop off your bicycle for a tune-up or repair. As we find our way through these unknown waters, some services will only be available for members. (Not a member yet? [click here to join!)]

What to Expect, Including New Hours:

It will look a little different around here when you arrive, as we comply with the City of Boulder laws for being open:

Starting May 9th, 2020, we’ll be open 11am-6pm, Thursday through Sunday (closed Mon/Tue/Wed)..

  • All customers must wear masks, even outside. No mask, no service. Due to City law, Community Cycles can be shut down if people aren’t wearing mask, so wear a mask!
  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms.
  • Unfortunately, we are not available to help you load/unload your vehicle.

As you arrive at Community Cycles, please find your line: Sales or Service

Each line will be marked at 6’ intervals for safe distancing.

We’ll help you with what you need: buy an affordable refurbished used bike, tune up/repair of your current bike or purchase parts and accessories:

  1. Bicycle Sales: We’ll walk you through our inventory, outside the building, and help you find your next great ride.
  2. Parts and Accessories for Sale: Many of our new and used parts will be outside. If you don’t see what you need, staff will find what you need from inside our shop.
  3. Drop off your bike for a Tune Up or Repair: [Click here for services and rates].

Volunteers, Classes and Workshops

We couldn’t pass up mentioning our cherished volunteers! Oh how we miss you!! Stay tuned for updates for when it’s safe to have volunteers back in our shop.

Stay tuned as well for news on when it’s safe to hold classes and workshops. Ready to tackle bicycle repair at home? [Check out the full Park Tool Library on YouTube.]

Whew! That’s a Ton of Info!

We strive to make this as painless as possible, given rules and laws from our city, county and state. Please revisit our website often for updates.

Share the bike love and this information to friends and family who may need a new bike or repair on a much-loved bike.

Ride on – please wear a mask when out riding!