Recycling Your eBike Battery in Boulder County


Brought to you by: Small Planet eBike

Did you know you can recycle your eBike battery? Your eBike battery will likely near end of life (80% or less of rated capacity) when it is 5-7yrs old. Most eBike batteries can be rebuilt with fresh cells and the original case and battery management system. However, eBikes and their batteries have improved significantly in recent years, so you might prefer to upgrade.

Some symptoms that might indicate a battery is starting to decline include:

  1. Less power climbing hills
  2. Lower range/miles per charge
  3. Battery won’t charge
  4. Electric motor doesn’t work

Recycling your old eBike and battery is an essential part of closing the loop and making electric bikes a truly sustainable form of transportation. Sustainability is at the heart of what Small Planet eBikes  does. Let’s work together to close the loop and keep recyclable materials out landfills.

There are a number of bike shops around Boulder County that are eBike battery drop-off centers in the Call2Recycle network. Even if you did not buy your eBike from them, you can drop off your end-of-life lithium-ion eBike battery and they’ll ship it to a recycler at no cost to you.

If you’d like to recycle your bike’s frame and components, many bike shops can do that, too.

In Boulder County, you can recycle your e-bike battery at Small Planet eBike (Longmont), University Cycles on Pearl, and Trek Bicycle Boulder. No matter where you bought your eBike, Small Planet eBikes will be happy to recycle your eBike battery responsibly.