Riding in these Times


The weather is becoming more bicycle friendly, and riding your bike is approved for essential trips and recreation in Colorado. It’s a great way to get exercise and maintain mental and physical health.

You can enjoy reduced street and road traffic to venture out to places where you wouldn’t normally ride. However, use caution and beware of drivers who are speeding with these emptier streets.

Tips for Riding in the Time of COVID-19

Maintain social distancing. This is more difficult these days on Boulder’s great bike path network. Overtake with at least 6′ to the side and much more in front and behind both cyclists and pedestrians. See below graphic for the fore and aft distance. This applies to passing runners and walkers too. Consider off peak travel times hiking/running/biking if on narrow trails.

Do not go for group rides or carpool to a ride.

Ride from your place of residence. Do not leave your community to ride.

Use a mask, especially in town and around other people.

Don’t take risks and wear a helmet. This is not the time to take up a hospital bed!

If your ride or hike on Open Space, please adhere to the open space guidelines.

With these tips in mind, it actually is a good time to get out for a ride!