Save Protected Bike Lanes on Folsom St!


Enjoying the new protected bike lanes on Folsom?  Please tell the city how much you do!

There have been hundreds of emails opposing these brand new Protected Bike Lanes.

It’s important for City Council, the Daily Camera, and our entire community to know that the new lanes are making people feel more safe and encouraging more bike use of Folsom.

Please email Council, write a letter to the editor and/or comment at Inspire Boulder.  Read more at Boulder Living Labs.

Here’s why we support protected bike lanes:

A safer riding experiences encourages many people who are “interested but concerned” to make more trips by bike.

In Boulder, as in most cities, the average trip is only 1-2 miles.  Many of these trips can be made by bike: safer infrastructure supports this.

We support implementation of Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan, which seeks major increases in biking for daily trips:  work, school, shopping, errands.

We think biking is a great way to reduce carbon footprint.

People for Bikes has more details on the national revolution: Protected bike lanes and green streets to transform our cities