Transportation Master Plan, first effort on 20 is Plenty Passes Boulder Council


On September 17th, Boulder City Council adopted the 2019 Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which included many safety improvements put forward by Community Cycles. Council also expressed support for Community Cycle’s recommendation to change to residential speed limits to 20 mph as part of a “20 is Plenty” Campaign.  We encourage everyone to read the TMP — or at least give it a good long look! Particularly interesting is the Action Plan , the Pedestrian Plan and the Low Stress Bike and Walk Network Plan.  This TMP is the most progressive and true to our values of any TMP the city has ever produced. It’s inspiring to see serious progress on the policy side towards safer, comfortable, convenient transportation, especially for long-disadvantaged modes. The city deserves high praise for this forward-looking document. Included in this body of work is the Vision Zero Safe Streets Report and Action Plan.  Community Cycles Advocacy Committee was heavily involved in all these documents and many of our recommendations made it into the final document. We’d like to thank Council for adopting it and staff for all the hard work, and thanks to the members of the Community Cycles Advocacy Committee, the Transportation Advisory Board, and everyone who made comments to council. This is not the end, but rather the beginning. We’ll now go to work with the city on the public process required to change city ordinance to 20 mph on residential streets. And while this TMP has a lot of great ideas, very few of these projects will happen without additional transportation funding. In 2020, Community Cycles will work with transportation staff, the Transportation Advisory Board and City Council to support and promote new, reliable, sustainable sources for transportation funding.