Upcoming Street Improvements in Boulder


The City of Boulder Transportation is ramping up work again after COVID impacted several projects.

Community Cycles is happy to see the city working to improve safety without large & long lasting capital projects by leveraging the synergy between many existing city programs including the Neighborhood Speed Management Program (NSMP), Pavement Management Program (PMP), Neighborhood Greenstreets and Vision Zero Innovation Program (VZIP).

NSMP work will include 1) planning for Pine Street between 20th-28th which will include Spruce street as well, 2) 26th & 55th complex projects will be implemented this year, and 3) six simple projects will be implemented this year based on the street’s ranking.

Pavement of Folsom (Valmont to Pine) will be resurfaced in 2021, with a consultant looking at improvements for the protected bike lane. West Baseline will be also resurfaced in 2021 with NSMP planning in 2022. Other PMP streets identified for 2021 that are identified as neighborhood greenstreets may get mild improvements. Lehigh pavement overlay is slated for 2022 and will cross pollination with the low stress network for some improvements.

The Neighborhood GreenStreets work identified for 2021 includes completing the high priority projects in central Boulder and in the Goss Grove Neighborhood. By spring 2022, this micro-network of Neighborhood GreenStreets with a focus on north-south, low-traffic stress travel, will connect neighborhoods to the north to CU Boulder’s new bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure over Boulder Creek and south to CU’s main campus. Community engagement and conceptual design will kick off in June and continue through October.

For the smaller VZIP projects, Group 1 is to be completed this year, including 26th/Spruce, and work will begin on Group 2 projects.