Volunteer of the Quarter: Hilary Traut


Near the end of the day when our shop staff is exhausted, Community Cycles is doing anything but slowing down. Bikes are still being fixed, customers need help and on top of that employees need to start the tasks of shutting down for the day. This is the time that Hilary Traut, like clockwork, comes to the rescue. To do this she sets time aside from her demanding schedule as a University of Colorado PhD. candidate studying… brains or something. Most of the time, she appears in full punk rock cyclist regalia, but if she comes straight from the office she’ll be sharply dressed in slacks and an attractive cardigan. In every other manner though, she is consistent.

Hilary hasn’t been wrenching and doing the community bike shop thing for long, but she has propelled herself to become an enormous contributor and influential member of the Community Cycles circle. She rides a geeked-out, technicolor Cross-Check and enjoys brutal Colorado climbing. She’s an important contributor of Community Cycles’ WTF (Womens, Trans and Femme) wrenching group, but is beloved by the entire CC community. Sometimes it’s her cheerful optimism. Sometimes it is her dry, academic sense of humor. Sometimes it is her derisive comments about how short, scattered and generally incompetent Dennis is. No matter what, she always gives us a good laugh and the boost that we need at the end of the day. And for that, we thank her.