Why Commute By eBike?


When we talk about how to commute by ebike, we hear four main reasons people want to give it a try:

  • It’s much more fun than sitting in a car
  • It’s good for physical and mental health
  • It’s good for the planet
  • It’s more affordable than commuting by car in many ways: car ownership, maintenance and parking

Want to give it a try? Here are a few more reasons:

THEY’RE MORE AFFORDABLE THAN THEY USED TO BE – In fact The City of Boulder just announced their first round of ebike incentives. Starting July 6, the City of Boulder is offering residents vouchers to pay for part of the cost of an e-bike. Through these incentives, the city seeks to expand access to e-bikes and encourage more sustainable ways of travel. 

One of the big drawbacks of early ebikes was the cost. With the state, county and cities around Boulder offering vouchers or rebates, ebikes are more affordable than they have ever been. And while there are still plenty of expensive models on the market that include a variety of high-tech features, the overall price of e-bikes has become much more reasonable in recent years

YOU’LL BE MORE LIKELY TO RIDE PLACES YOU MIGHT NOT OTHERWISE – An e-bike makes long, challenging commutes or hills a bit easier to deal with and can help you gain confidence to ride different routes you might not be willing to try on a traditional bike. This opens up the possibilities of where you can ride. It also lets you ease into a world of cycling that can be more fun than you previously imagined.

YOU’LL USE YOUR CAR LESS – Because you can travel longer distances with less effort, owning an e-bike makes it more likely you’ll use your car less. It makes commuting to work without getting too sweaty a bit easier and bringing home a few bags of groceries from the store easier to manage. Using your car less also means safer streets with less traffic, so you’ll be doing your part to make a positive impact on the environment.

E-BIKES GET YOU OUTDOORS AND MORE FIT – One of the big benefits of e-bikes is the ability to get non-cyclists outdoors and exercising. Since most e-bikes are pedal assist and still require movement, you receive the benefits that come along with upping your weekly exercise time.

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