You Asked and We Listened: More Workshops and DIY!


Y’all have been clamboring for more DIY days and more workshops this fall. We’re happy to announce more days for you to visit our shop and learn how to keep your bicycle rolling!

More Workshops are Returning!

Fix-A-Flat and Maintenance 101 are now offered on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Fix-A-Flat teaches the best, easiest technique for fixing a flat tire on your bicycle. Come to this workshop to learn to fix a flat like a pro. You will receive a new patch kit and a set of tire levers.

Maintenance 101 teaches the basics of bicycle repair. Learn bicycle anatomy, lubricants, tool use and basic maintenance like basic brake and shifting adjustments.

Gender Equality Mechanics (GEM, formerly WTF) is on the last Monday of the month. Wheel building coming soon!
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DIY is Back!

Work on your own bike with advice from experts in the bike industry. We have added three stands on Thursdays and Sundays. Plus, Fridays are  now available.
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