Your Donation Doubled!


We are all in this together – the coronavirus global pandemic.

Closing our shop was a necessary but scary decision, affecting our funding. A significant portion of our income comes from used bicycles sales, user fees from our DIY bike shop, and purchases of new and used bike parts.

During this tough, uncertain time, we were surprised, grateful, and deeply moved to receive a $5,000 matching grant from a long-time donor and supporter. Their gift gave our hearts a huge lift.

Our donors from the Cook Family Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation told us:

We love what Community Cycles does, from gifting bicycles to low-income kids, to advancing the cyclists’ agenda, to implementing community-wide celebrations of cycling like Walk and Bike Month.

We are deeply pleased to make a donation that supports Community Cycles’ fiscal health, recognizing that the coronavirus global pandemic and our citywide state of emergency has impacted their operations.

We want Community Cycles to always be here to serve our community. We invite you to join us in donating to support them.

Your donation today will be doubled because of this generous matching gift.

Donations at this time will help us pay for critical operations during closure and will allow us to resume full services to the community quickly when we re-open.

We invite you to help us by [making a gift today[ to help ensure our financial stability and our ability to bounce back. During this tough time, your generous donation makes a difference, encourages us, and inspires all of us at Community Cycles to keep finding our way forward.

Our mission is to build a culture of cycling. Whether or not we can gather at our shop, we are finding ways to keep supporting cyclists and to keep advancing our mission.

  • We encourage you to get outside and enjoy a bicycle ride, while maintaining strong social distancing practices and wearing a mask! It helps us feel better, for sure.
  • We are a Park Tool School, and we’ve posted some of their [bike repair videos on our website to help you keep rolling].
  • We are exploring ways to continue teaching our classes.
  • Our advocacy committee is always working, with your support, to build better bicycling in Boulder, for the good of all of us.

The truth that stands out to us is that we are all in this together, our whole community. Your support for Community Cycles matters now more than ever. [Your gift today] will help us stay strong.