CLIPS Beer and Film recap

clips lounge 2015

Weather was threatening early and ended with a wind gust taking down the screen.  In between a beautiful view of the flatirons sunset, good films, and great beer from our wonderful sponsor New Belgium . Thank you all for coming out and supporting Community Cycles ! AND, Congratulations to the winner of the Cruiser, Joel Boymel! Hope to see … Read More

Protected Bike Lanes Are Coming to Boulder!

Protected Bike Lane Meeting

We won! By a vote of 7-2, the Boulder City Council decided to right-size three of the four proposed streets, Folsom, Iris, and 63rd which will add protected bike lanes to these corridors. You can read more about the details in the Daily Camera: “ Boulder ‘right-sizing’ bike-lane project moves forward on 3 of 4 streets .” Your Support Your signatures, your emails, and attending the … Read More

Excellent letter about rightsizing and protected bike lanes from Martha Roskowski, former GO Boulder Program manager and currently at People for Bikes

Dear Boulder City Council, I write in reference to the proposal before you to consider right-sizing Boulder’s streets. I encourage you to support these efforts. Since the beginning of 2012, I’ve had the honor of working for PeopleForBikes , a national non-profit based in Boulder. As director of the PFB Green Lane Project, I’ve worked closely with the U.S. … Read More