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Are you a new e-bike owner? Are you considering purchasing an e-bike in the near future? This free e-bike class about e-bike safety and maintenance is designed to help new and prospective e-bike owners get the most out of their e-bikes! This class will teach you about e-bike safety, maintenance, and best practices. You’ll experience your e-bike as a truly functional, fun and freeing mode of transportation! 

Introduction to e-Bike Safety and Maintenance is a free, hands-on, and interactive course offered through a partnership between Pedego Electric Bikes – Boulder and Community Cycles. In this class, experienced (and fun!) e-bike mechanics will introduce you to e-bike systems (how e-bikes work), e-bike regulations, battery safety, best practices for e-bike and battery maintenance, and riding practices specific to e-bikes. Students should leave this class feeling confident about using and maintaining their new e-bikes. You’ll be ready to take advantage of the ways e-bikes improve the wellbeing of both e-bike owners and the community.

There are no knowledge prerequisites for free e-bike class. Having a basic understanding of bicycle terminology is great, but not necessary. Everyone is welcome in this class. We want to spread the joy of e-cycling!

We encourage students to bring their e-bikes to the class, but do not feel that you must already own an e-bike to attend. This class is not about e-bike purchasing. For more information about e-bike purchasing, see the linked resources below.

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Introduction to e-Bike Maintenance and Safety is funded through the generous support of the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Transportation, Denver Regional Council of Governments, the City of Boulder and Boulder County