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Creating equitable access to bicycles for the greater Boulder community.

We’re a community making bicycling a truly sustainable, equitable, and affordable means of everyday transportation; where human-powered transportation is prioritized in fact and not just in words; and where transportation betters all residents' lives physically, emotionally, and economically.

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Check out our Bike Shop for refurbished used bikes, new & used parts, workshops and DIY bike repair. Find an understated get-around-town bike, your first bike or a one-of-a-kind all-terrain bike. Funds go towards making bicycles more accessible for all of Boulder.

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Used Bikes

We sell unique bikes, all donation based. Bikes are refurbished from worn out and tired to ready for anything.  Professional mechanics refurbish every bike - some rides need just a few adjustments to be good as new and some get a full host of upgrades. 

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Join the fun at a Community Cycles workshop and learn your bike in a welcoming environment. Boost your confidence with hand-on skills in classes that range from Maintenance 101 to our premiere multi-session Complete Mechanics Series.

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We Are Your Voice in Boulder County

 Our Advocacy arm works with local, state and federal agencies, local businesses and neighborhood organizations to improve our community’s infrastructure for bicyclists.

Join your voice with ours and be a part of bringing better cycling infrastructure to our community.

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Community Cycles Upcoming Workshops & Events

Bike for a Better World

As a nonprofit, we strive to create a sustainable closed loop business model. That includes business practices at our shop along with creating a community that comes to us to recycle and upcycle “all things bike.”   Community Cycle's Advocacy work gets more people biking reducing our greenhouse gas  impact.

We invite you to join us in this good work, even if it’s simply by dropping your old bikes and tires at the Shop instead of letting them gathering dust.

If you would like to become more deeply involved, please come by the shop and say hello! And then we can discuss the ways you might help create a culture of cycling alongside us.

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