A Big Win for Community Cycles, Electric Bicycles and Essential Workers!

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We are excited to announce that Community Cycles is one of six organizations statewide who received a grant from the Colorado Energy Office to launch a pilot program that will provide electric bikes to frontline, essential workers in our community.

“Electric bicycles are a game-changer,” explained Sue Prant, Executive Director. “We have seen how electric bicycles (eBikes) help people easily commute by bicycle over longer distances and hilly terrain. And we know that cars are expensive to own and maintain. Bringing eBikes to our low-income essential workers — our friends and neighbors — will help them and their families succeed economically. It will let them be part of the movement in our community for cleaner air and low-carbon transportation.”

Partners include City of Boulder, Small Planet eBikes, the University of Colorado, Boulder Community Health, Boulder County Housing and Human Services, Boulder County Sustainability Office, Boulder Bike Sharing, Boulder Housing Partners and People for Bikes. With their help Community Cycles will get eBikes to 100 low-income essential workers.

Sandee Cirian, Project Manager, shared her perspective on the project. “We hope this project’s success will open the door to many more projects like this, and to additional funding. Electric bikes have the potential to create the kind of transportation transformation we all want to see, and will bring us cleaner air, a healthier climate and a more equitable community.”