Applicability and Adaptation to Boulder

It is common for those who’ve observed first-hand just how much better transportation works in places like Amsterdam or Copenhagen to wonder if we can enjoy the same success by simply copying their approach. There is no reason to think that, with a few tweaks, their basic approach would not work in Boulder. Here are some tweaks that may be needed.

e-Bikes, e-Cargo Bikes, and eScooters conquer the wind and hills

There’s no doubt: Boulder has more wind and hills than Holland and many summer days are uncomfortably hot. If you were ever wondering why e-bikes and e-cargo bikes are everywhere in Boulder these days, that  is why. E-bikes allow you to more easily dress for the destination, not the journey, and haul whatever you need (up a hill and/or against the wind) without breaking a sweat. For those commuting into Boulder by public transit, walking and e-bike or scooter rentals will likely be the dominant modes of transport for the last mile.

Better Regional Buses instead of Rail

Most  European cities and some in North America rely on passenger trains to efficiently transport large numbers of people. But Colorado and most of America abandoned its once-abundant passenger trains. Re-creating them is expensive and slow. That restoration is beginning to happen but, in the interim, we can greatly improve public transit between Boulder and surrounding cities by using buses. We already have better buses to Denver. Significant progress is being made on improved buses to Longmont, Lafayette, and Louisville. Eventually we need real Bus Rapid Transit to many locations.

Regional Passenger Rail

It is taking a long time, but we are slowly getting there. In the 1990’s RTD, the Denver-area Regional Transit District, built light-rail lines around downtown Denver, and southeast to Englewood and Littleton, and southwest to the Tech Center and Centennial. In 2004 voters approved the 0.4% sales tax for RTD’s FasTracks program. With that money, RTD built major rail lines from Denver to the airport, to Commerce City, to Golden, and to Lone Tree, as well as a north-south line through Aurora.
But RTD failed to build its Northwest line to Broomfield, Boulder, and Longmont because its costs dramatically increased and revenues decreased. Colorado leaders are trying to solve this problem and new hope arose in 2024. President Biden’s 2021 infrastructure law provided more money for passenger rail than ever before and there is a good chance some of that will come our way. The Colorado Legislature established the Front Range Passenger Rail District and is presently developing a funding source for at least the Northwest line and trains to Ft. Collins.
We hope to soon see commuter and intercity trains entering Boulder from both the south and north.



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If you find yourself in a situation with an aggressive driver, remember you can dial *CSP (*277), free of charge. Report “real time” aggressive driving behavior to the Colorado State Patrol.


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Have you had a close call with a bicycle, pedestrian or motorist? This data is important and used in analysis of the safety of our streets.


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