Apply for an eBike!



After a month of putting details in place, the Community Cycles “Can Do Colorado” eBike program is ready to launch by reaching out to the Boulder community to connect low-income essential-workers with this electric bicycle program.

Why should you consider an eBike?

  • They are an effective tool for replacing motor vehicle trips – owning an eBike is more affordable than car ownership.
  • Ride greater distances and across harder terrain – get to work, school and errands faster on an eBike than a conventional bike.
  • Set aside worries about arriving sweaty at your destination.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Colorado needs your help to show the difference riding an eBike can make!
  • Improve your health!

Interested in Participating?

There are two ways for low-income essential-workers to connect with an eBike:

Loaner to Owner –
Own an eBike by using it as your primary mode of transportation to work and providing occasional feedback and auto-collected data for 2 years. There is a $250 fee to be a part of this program to help offset the cost of the ebike and accessories (valued at $1500) that will be provided for safer and more comfortable commuting, like helmet, lock and basket. (Fee is partially or fully refundable if you opt out of the program within the first 90 days.) Ideal candidates are willing to commute by eBike at least 3 days per week, along with using the eBike for errands and social occasions.

Application Deadline for this part of the program by Monday, June 28, 2021

Learn more and apply for a Loaner-to-Owner eBike here.

Boulder BCycle 2 Year Membership –
Another way to access an eBike, if you are a resident of a Boulder Housing Partners property, is to apply for a 2-year Annual Pass to Boulder BCycle with unlimited hour-long trips on both the red pedal bikes and the white electric bikes. Ideal candidates live in a Boulder Housing Partners property that is near a B-Station and work within reasonable walking distance to another B-station.

Details for this part of the program will be announced next week.

Thanks for checking out this program to see if an ebike is an option for you for transportation to work! This program is made possible with a generous grant by the Colorado Energy Office and in partnership with University of Colorado, Boulder Community Health, Small Planet eBikes, City of Boulder and Boulder County. It is designed to demonstrate that electric bikes (ebikes) are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips around town.

Questions? Ask Sandee Cirian, Community Cycles Program Manager,