Community Cycles Expands Children’s Programs Thanks to SSB Tax and Boulder Voters


The SSB (Sugary Sweetened Beverage) tax took effect about a year ago

As one of many local recipients of these funds, we wanted to update our community on how we are using this money to improve lives of low-income children in Boulder County.

The revenue of the voter-approved tax is meant to be “spent on health promotion, general wellness programs and chronic disease prevention that improve health equity, and other health programs especially for residents with low incomes…” (Click for more info)

First, we are truly grateful for the opportunity that these funds have given us to expand our service to low-income children of Boulder, something we’ve long dreamed of doing!

Second, with these funds, we have expanded our well-known and beloved community event, the Kids’ Holiday Bike Giveaway, and also now offer events throughout the year to support these children and families in using their bicycles event more..

The expansion of the Kids’ Holiday Bike Giveaway allowed us to collect, refurbish and gift over 400 bikes, up from 300 in past years. Additionally, participants, of which 85% are Latino, are now able to stop by the shop for a free tune-up during the year. We really want to keep the kids of Boulder riding, so we are thrilled to be able to offer tune-ups, help with bicycle care and repair, and fun bicycle rides for families.!

Another way we’ve used these funds is to expand our Kids’ Summer Bike Camp – we are now able to offer scholarships and we expanded with an additional week in Lafayette, partnering with Nature Kids, an organization that provides outdoor activities for kids.

This fall, watch for new programs for kids who received a bike through Kid’s Holiday Bike Giveaway. Everyone who participated will be invited. Most popular is expected to be a program to help kids learn how to safely get to school and around Boulder on their bikes with an emphasis on Boulder’s many bike paths.

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