Donate Your Old Bikes on October 2 at Centaurus High School

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Clear that old bike out of your shed, garage or back porch – Community Cycles wants your donation of old bikes and parts. We’ll recycle or give them a new life where they belong, back on the road. Any condition is fine – working or not. Look for the Community Cycles truck at the Eco-Tober sustainability event in Lafayette. It’s on Sunday, October 2, 12:00pm– 4:00pm at Centaurus High School (10300 S Boulder Rd) in Lafayette.

Any size or type of bike, kids or adults, from gravel to road to mountain bike is great. We’re especially looking for 24″ kids bikes for the Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway, where we give away 350+ bikes to low-income kids every December. We have a lot of requests from families for this size! Kids this age want some independence that a bike can give them to ride to school and around town.

What Happens to the Bikes and Parts?

Some will be refurbished and then sold or given away to a low income person in need of a bike. Some will be recycled – part of our mission is to keep more materials out of the landfill. Read more here about how we decide what will happen to your bike.

Why Donate Your Bikes to Community Cycles

Your donation is a building block for our biking community in Boulder. We offer bike education workshops, our advocacy crew works for safer pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and we have programs to benefit our low-income friends and neighbors.

Can’t make it to Eco-tober on October 2?

You can drop off bikes and parts at Community Cycles in Boulder at 2601 Spruce, Unit B (back of building)