E-Bikes and Motorcycles: How alike are they?

Jane JohnstonNews

Does an E-Bike go vroom-vroom? Maybe. They aren’t a Harley Davidson, but they are still fun and can be edgy. So, just what are the differences between the two? Are you contemplating one or the other, or adding to your transportation collection?

Gas V Battery

The most obvious difference is that a motorcycle uses gasoline, and an e-bike runs off battery power. One creates green-house gas emissions, and one does not. The average motorcycle gets 50 mpg, which is fantastic, given that a car generally gets less than half that. The average e-bike range (the number of miles the bike can go on one charge) can vary 25-70 miles. A lot of this depends on the bike and how you use it. How much will charging the e-bike battery cost you for a year? About $10.

Speed V Versatility

If you are a speed junkie, motorcycles may be your thing as some can go up to 200mph, but if you value your life an e-bike maybe a better fit! E-bikes typically go up to 18-30mph with the added benefit that you can get some exercise even if you use the assist. E-bikes are also much lighter than motorcycles, require less maintenance as there are fewer moving parts, and cost less.

Both a motorcycle and an e-bike can be used for daily commuting and running errands of course. An e-bike is a great way to get around Boulder these days. Cargo e-bikes even enable you to get your groceries, pick up your kids, and more without the hassle of parking. E-bikes have absolutely come a long way!

Give an E-bike a Try

Ready to try getting around town by e-bike? Community Cycles has a cargo e-bike for Members to borrow for the day! Check out the information here. We also occasionally have used e-bikes donated from the Boulder community come through the door that can be a more affordable purchasing option to buying new.

If you are exploring purchasing an e-bike or want to get started as an e-bike commuter, our e-bike commuter hub is a wealth of information including commuting tips, safety tips, and buyer guides.

Besides being an economical and green way of getting around town, you’ll just look cool and be the envy of the neighborhood.