Free Bike Workshops in February


Community Cycles is celebrating Winter Bike to Work Day with FREE bike repair workshops.

Join us for one of these workshops at no cost to you:

Jan 23, 5:30pm: Winter Bike Commuting

Learn the essentials of of commuting by bicycle in the winter.  This workshop will teach you how to ride, what to carry, everything you need to know for a safe and warm winter bike commute.  Feel free to bring your bike.

Feb 8, 5:30pm: Maintenance 101

Learn the basics of bicycle repair in this workshop. Bicycle anatomy, lubricants, tool use and basic maintenance will be covered. Learn how to do basic brake and shifting adjustments as well.

Feb 15, 5:30pm: Fix a Flat

A clinic that teaches the best, easiest technique for fixing a flat? Come to this workshop to learn to fix a flat like a pro.  During the clinic you will receive a new patch kit and a new set of tire levers.

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Interested in more details about Winter Bike to Work Day? Visit our website for information on breakfast stations and happy hour.