Give Today for a More Sustainable 2023

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We need your support as we strive to make an impact on climate change in our community as we head into 2023.

We know you’re being asked to give by many organizations. The fact that you’re reading this and interested in our mission is truly amazing. We want you to know it will take a village, every one of us, to build a community where bikes are accessible, streets are safe for riding, and a mindset of “bikes first” all creates a Boulder that contributes to lowered carbon emissions.

Please show your support this giving season!

What Goes into Year End Fundraising?

This year we’re trying something new to illustrate our goals. Each peak here represents one of our goals, or Stages.

Stage 1: We are seeking 55 people to donate $100 each to reach our Stage 1 goal of $10,000. We are almost halfway there already, can we count on you?

Stage 2: Once $10,000 is reached, you will unlock Stage 2, a $6,000 matching fund from the Community Cycles Board of Directors along with a couple of enthusiastic supporters. During Stage 2, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $6,000. Donate today and help us unlock $12k!

Stage 3: We will be ready to stretch towards the last Stage! Our final goal is $30,000 before December 31, 2022.

Stage 4: Let’s celebrate raising $30,000!!

Donate Now to Make a Difference

Give for the Good of the Planet

Giving before December 31 helps us set our sustainability goals to keep even more metal and rubber out of landfills.

2023 Sustainability Needs/Goals:

  • $2k to fund the use of more sustainable products in our day-to-day operations.
  • $3k to expand our program to strip bikes down for parts and metal recycling. We do this now and could do more detailed stripping with more staff hours.
  • $5k to fund a part-time staff person to coordinate and host bike drives and outreach events. We will be able to be at more events if this is funded, collecting bikes and parts to upcycle and recycle, along with spreading the word on the benefits of commuting by bicycle.
  • $8k to double tire recycling. This year, the first year we’ve offered this, we will recycle over 4000 bicycle tires, at a cost to us of $1 per tire. In 2022 we received a grant from the city and had a generous donor help offset those costs but we have no guarantees for 2023. We expect to double the number of tires recycled in 2023.
  • $10k to supplement staff salaries. When a bike is donated to us, it costs us $200 in staff time to ensure a quality product. With over 1500 bikes donated to Community Cycles, this donation can help us offset staff costs.
  • $10k to expand marketing for our landfill diversion program. Think about seeing an ad about recycling bikes on the side of a bus or a targeted video on YouTube. By keeping 1500+ bikes out of the landfill in 2022, we will help reduce CO2 in Boulder by almost 50,000 lbs.

Give Before December 31

Make your year-end donation before the calendar turns to Double your impact!

Help us reach Stage 2 where donations are DOUBLED! It’s a BIG deal – please give to ensure our work continues.

No gift is too small (or too big)! Every gift counts. Show our community you are part of the movement to curb climate change by giving today to make a difference!

To you, the donor, “Thank you” for your support, and for fueling the passion behind Community Cycles’ year-end Stages.