Pedaling Towards a Greener Tomorrow: The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Bicycles with Community Cycles

sandee@communitycycles.orgNews, Sustainability

Community Cycles is thrilled to have received a grant from Boulder County for 2023 for “Growing the Circular Economy: Increasing Bicycle Recycling”.

In an era marked by environmental awareness and the urgent need for sustainable practices, recycling has become a crucial component of our daily lives. While most of us are familiar with recycling paper, plastic, and glass, there’s another recyclable item that plays a significant role in reducing landfill waste and preserving the environment – bicycles.


Halfway through the year, we are happy to report that we have hosted a number of extra bike donation drives throughout Boulder County and collected over 100 bicycles, parts, tubes and tires that otherwise would have gone to the landfill.

In terms of tons of recycled materials, our data so far is:

  • Tires recycled: 5149 pounds 
  • Bikes collected: 1856

We’re excited for plans for the second half of 2023 to see even more materials some through our services rather than to the landfill. We are in the process of finalizing details to market and collect bikes at fall events, such as the Plant Based Living Festival, Ecotober with Lafayette, Boulder Valley School District and more.

If you’d like to host a bike and parts donation drive in your Boulder County community, please email us!