Recycling Your Sports Bottles at Community Cycles!

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We are partnering with HydraPak to keep more plastic out of the waste stream by recycling sports bottles.

Look for the HydraPak re-pak box just inside the front door. This amazing box will enable you to recycle you sport and bike bottles. The box takes #4 and #5 (LDPE & PP) plastic bottles.

Brands taken are: Polar Bottle, Specialized, CamelBak, UltraAspire, Nathan, Amphipod, Gatorade and Powerade. The bottles will get transformed into high quality materials.

Learn more from the wonderful folks from HydraPak about recycling sports bottles:

Why Bring Your Sports Bottles to Community Cycles for Recycling?

By recycling plastic sports bottles, we are giving the material the chance to have a new life, keeping it in use and out of the landfill. Recycling reduces the need for new plastic made from raw materials, saving energy and carbon in the process.

To put it simply – recycling and reusing are the best options when it comes to disposing of our plastics; giving the material the best chance of a new life rather than ending up in the waste stream.

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