Rev Up Your Impact: Share Your eBike Mileage and Shape the Future of Sustainable Transportation!

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We want to know how YOU are using your ebike. More than just a convenient way to get around, eBikes have the potential to transform our lives, our cities, and even our planet. By taking four surveys over the next year, you can play a vital role in showcasing the strong impact of eBikes on air quality, traffic congestion, and personal well-being.

Your Mileage, Your Voice: Advocacy for Change

Your eBike mileage isn’t just numbers; it’s a powerful tool for advocacy. Sharing your journey through Community Cycles will help expand local ebiking commuting culture by promoting the multiple benefits of longer-distance ebike commuting for everyone, no matter your income level or ability.

It can spark conversations and inspire others to give commuting by eBike a try. When people see real-world examples of commuting by eBike, they’re more likely to consider making the switch themselves. Your stories and data can influence policy decisions, funding allocations, and the development of cycling-friendly infrastructure.

How to Report Your eBike Mileage, Make an Impact and Win Prizes

It’s simple. Fill out the current survey using the button below and we’ll send you quarterly surveys over the next year. We’ll summarize the data for the State of Colorado, who provided a generous grant to inspire folks all over the Boulder area to commute by ebike.

For your time and data, we’ll add your name into quarterly drawings for prizes like $50 gift cards to REI, free bike workshops at Community Cycles, Community Cycles Memberships and more!

Enjoy the eRide, Responsibly!

The next time you hop on your eBike, remember that your journey goes beyond the road ahead. Always remember to Announce yourself to others as you approach, Signal turns, and be Kind and share the trail.

By reporting your eBike mileage, you’re contributing to a cleaner environment, smoother traffic, and healthier communities. Your personal commitment to sustainable commuting has the potential to inspire a wave of change that ripples far and wide. So, keep those wheels turning, track your miles, and let your eBike be a beacon of positive change for our world.