Sustainability news: Tire Recycling

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We are now able to recycle used bike tires! We are very thankful to CHaRM/Ecocycle and the City of Boulder Climate Initiatives for this opportunity to keep more bike tires out of the landfill! Their funding is going to cover approximately 1/3 of our estimated needs for 2022. Every little bit counts… 

What does that mean in practical terms?

Community Cycles collects about 1500 used bike tires each year. They come from bikes that are donated to us, or from folks who donate tires and other parts. That’s about 3,000 pounds of tires that previously had been going into the landfill. Now 5200 tires, or 1,000 pounds, will be recycled.

Can you bring your old tires to Community Cycles?

Yes! We can resell some used tires if they have life left in them, we’ll recycle what we can, and unfortunately, the rest go to the landfill. You can also take them to CHaRM/Ecocycle yourself and pay to have them recycled. 

Want to further fund this program for 2022?

Absolutely, thank you for asking! We’d love to keep even more bike tires out of the landfill.  A $1,500 donation from you or your business will give you naming rights on the barrel where we collect them at the shop! Contact Craig David, Development Director for details –

Sustainability is part of our Mission

Keeping bike tires out of the landfill is part of Community Cycles’ mission, which is to “create a culture of cycling.” Recycling worn-out tires is one of the ways we create a culture of environmentally sustainable cycling. This newest effort comes alongside several others: Community Cycles’ advocacy wing works toward creating a culture of safe cycling on Boulder’s streets, while our community outreach efforts strive to provide financially accessible cycling for residents of the Boulder area through offering affordable bikes. Our educational programs endeavor to create a culture of empowered cycling by offering bike-mechanic training and workspaces, as well, so that anyone can learn to work on their own bike. 

We invite you to join us in this good work, even if it’s simply by dropping your old tires off at the Shop instead of in the landfill. If you would like to become more deeply involved, please come by the shop and say hello! And then we can discuss the ways you might help create a culture of cycling alongside us.