Wayfinding: A New Personalized Service

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Photo by Brad Switzer on Unsplash

Community Cycles is offering a new service this Spring! What could it be? We already offer so much! We will be offering Wayfinding and commuter assistance by email or in person by appointment.

What Is Wayfinding?

What is Wayfinding? (Don’t worry, I had to ask too!) Wayfinding, in the simplest terms is, “the process of orienting and traveling from place to place.” In essence, wayfinding is our innate sense of navigation, however it also encompasses how we understand, enjoy and use the space around us. Navigating is a type of wayfinding.

In the simplest terms wayfinding is getting from place to place. It includes thinking about orientation, route decision, route orientation and destination recognition.

We’ll Get You There

Getting from place to place can seem daunting, even if you have an e-bike. Sure, an e-bike can take you longer distances but if you aren’t familiar with these areas then you need time to plan your routes. That’s where Community Cycles comes in. We have staff and volunteers that have been riding around Boulder County for many years. You have access to our collective knowledge for guidance on the best routes.

We’ll also be offering guided commuter rides from the surrounding cities into Downtown/CU this Spring. Let us know with an email through the link below that you’re interested, where you’re coming, and your final destination.

Go ahead, send us an email. Let’s get you where you need to go, whether a work commute, five errands or a Saturday leisure ride.

Don’t have an e-bike? We can help you out with a test ride. Community Cycles has a cargo e-bike that Members may borrow for the day! Check out the information here. This is a fantastic way to experience the ease and convenience of e-bike riding.

More Route and Commuting Info

Our e-bike commuter hub is a wealth of information: commuting tips, safety tips, and buyer guides for bikes, locks and more.

City of Boulder bike website – connect with local and regional bike maps, bike safety, and more.

Boulder County Bike Map

Full Cycle’s bike routes – check out well planned routes around the area from our friends over at Full Cycle

Give our wayfinding service a try! It might just change your commute and your outlook as well! Even if your commute is ten miles or less, we encourage you to try the service.

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