A New Home


In 2019 the big news for Community Cycles was fundraising and purchasing a permanent home at 2601 Spruce St, Unit B, in Boulder.

We are excited to own a permanent community bicycle center in Boulder, after leasing space and paying rent for the past 13 years. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get into our new building, raise the money for the purchase, and set up our new space.

With an outstanding location in the heart of Boulder and great access for all our programs  this is a real win-win for the people of Boulder and Boulder County.

Community Cycles is eagerly looking forward to serving the community in this new facility.

Community Cycles’ permanent bicycle center is funded in part by the Community, Culture and Safety Tax on the 2017 ballot. Thank you, Boulder voters! Other support came from Boulder County Worthy Cause, the Gates Foundation, Hazel’s Beverage World, the Leslie Bohm Foundation, Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, People for Bikes and many other local businesses, organizations, and individuals.